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We’ll hold on-site meetings to discuss your pond concerns, collect data, and recommend management strategies.


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Do you own land with a pond or small lake and don’t know where to start? Start with Twin Oaks Consulting! Pond consulting is the most valuable service we offer. We can answer most pond-related questions and solve problems associated with ponds and small lakes.

Looking at a new pond construction project or thinking about renovating an existing one? Hunting for the ‘perfect’ piece of land and need advice before you buy? Give us a call. We’ll consult with you from before you start until you have what you want. Our staff can offer sound advice and help solve most pond-related issues.

We’re happy to hold on-site meetings to discuss your pond concerns. We can also collect physical, chemical, and biological data on your pond, and recommend management strategies. Professional pond consulting is the best place to start on the road to a healthy pond that meets your unique goals.