Lake Aeration Systems

The key for creating the perfect pond. Benefits will keep your pond clean, clear and balanced all season long.




Lake Aeration

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Oxygenate your water

Mother nature has a unique way of keeping her water bodies aerated via wind, rain, earth oscillation, and from plants. Our small recreational ponds are not treated with the same love from Mother Nature. Bottom diffused aeration is very efficient in improving the overall water quality in majority of ponds and lakes.

Aeration is the process of adding oxygen to a pond or lake. High levels of dissolved oxygen are a major parameter in creating a healthy water quality while aiding in the breakdown of organic materials and excess nutrients in your pond or lake. Microorganisms (bacteria) are nature’s sludge and muck reducers in any lake environment. Bacteria are very efficient when there are high levels of oxygen versus in a low oxygen environment. In a low oxygen environment you will notice a sulfur smell, when you disturb the shoreline sediment or muck.

So why should you care? If you live in Texas, Oklahoma, and beyond great, but with hot summer days will cause your pond to stress out and your fish. The available oxygen decreases as the water temperature increases, limiting amount of oxygen for your trophy fishery. On hot August days, can cause a summer fish kill due to lake of oxygen. Well your insurance is aeration, which negates or limits high water temperatures, summer fish kills, and overall health of your pond or lake.

Each pond, lake, or retention pond is unique and requires a different type of aeration system. It’s important to call us to help design a system for your pond, lake, or retention ponds. Put our knowledge of aeration to work for you.



  • Decomposing organic matter depletes oxygen and releases toxic gasses (nitrogen, ammonia, etc.).
  • Without proper aeration, these toxic gasses become trapped in the deeper, colder, and now oxygen starved water.
  • The lack of dissolved oxygen in the water, known as an anaerobic condition, blocks out beneficial bacteria that act to break down the decaying material, thus adding to the problem.
  • Thermal stratification of pond or lake is natural but when a cold rain in August hits. It creates a turn over, resulting in a fish kill due to low oxygen levels.
  • Allow for greater densities of fish.
  • Improve overall water quality.
  • Speed up the rate of organic decomposition.
  • Reduce the amount of phosphorus, which would otherwise be available for plant growth.
  • Thermally and chemically destratify the water.

Installing an aeration system is the key for creating the perfect pond. The benefits provided by bottom diffused aeration will keep your pond clean, clear and balanced all season long.