What We Do

Twin Oaks is a full service consulting and maintenance company. We can handle ALL aspects of caring for your pond or lake.

Let’s Put Nature Back into Your Pond!

We offer FREE consultations about your lake and pond needs. Take a look at the services below and CONTACT US to get started!

Management Programs

Our management style is not one size fits all! You are unique and so is your pond or lake. It is our desire to develop a lasting relationship that benefits your mission for your recreational property. Contact us today!

Vegetation Control

Aquatic vegetation is to be pleasant to the eye and enhance the beauty of your pond or lake. As part of our services, we make sure your aquatic vegetation is enhancing the ecosystem for your pond or lake.

Fisheries Management

One of the most exciting times of the year is when the fish arrive to your property. Its all hands on, what we mean is you can be involved as much as you like. We teach the kids as we stock your fish.

Lake Aeration Systems

Mother nature has a unique way of keeping her water bodies aerated via wind, rain, earth oscillation, and from plants. Our small recreational ponds are not treated with the same love from Mother Nature.

Lake & Pond Consulting

Do you own land with a pond or small lake and don’t know where to start? Start with Twin Oaks Consulting! Pond consulting is the most valuable service we offer. We can answer most pond-related questions!

Water Quality

Water Quality monitoring is a key in a lake or pond management program. Understanding the chemical and biological parameters, demand, and interactions within your waterbody is essential.