Water Quality” monitoring is a key in a lake or pond management program. Understanding the chemical and biological parameters, demand, and interactions with in your waterbody is essential. Understand the results, interpreting, and knowledge of tools to that can be used in implementing a program that brings your water quality into balance and makes it look beautiful. This is your key to long-term success.

90% of the issues associated with lake and pond problems is related to an imbalance in water quality. Excess nutrients encourage algae blooms, poor water clarity, foul odors, and health of fish. Water Quality Parameters are an important role in the health of the ecosystem and local watershed. One key parameter is amount of dissolved oxygen can tell a lot about the condition and if there’s a potential problem. It’s important to understand the parameters and ratios to know when an imbalance will occur. This will help in determining the correct management actions to right these imbalances.

No matter where your waterbody is your neighbors have different water quality parameters. That means there’s NO one size fits all prescription in managing water quality. Trophy Bass Ponds, Storm Water Ponds, Golf Course Ponds, and HOA Ponds are requiring different strategies and management techniques. Successful lake and pond management begins with a baseline of current conditions that allow for tailored management that will meet the specific needs and goals. This approach will help you in long term success, ecological balance, and a steward of the water resource.

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Joshua Flowers | Fisheries Biologist