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James M. | Murphy, TX

Landscape Chair at Windy Hill Farms HOA

We are excited to see the results this coming Spring from the aeration system and treatment plan you have implemented on our HOA pond. We were immediately impressed by how the water was clarifying shortly after installation of the aeration device.

From the beginning you were detailed and professional in your approach with our problem pond. It was nasty, stagnant and stinky. In working with you we were pleased to see your presentations to the HOA Board which helped them understand the solution you proposed and the longer term plan for getting better results through the year round treatment program. And you handled the HOA Board’s questions in a knowledgeable manner which truly helped them understand the issues and benefits. These ultimately helped us select Twin Oaks for our ongoing pond management needs.

The installation was timely and done professionally. As the Landscape Chair for the HOA I was impressed by how you supervised the initial period of the aeration system instead of leaving us to do it. Since we’re all volunteers and have regular jobs and families to tend once we get home, this truly helped and made it easy on us. I want to acknowledge this was going the extra mile on your behalf and we truly appreciate it.

Further, to highlight another aspect of your service which impresses me is the reports you send me and the HOA Board from your onsite visits. I had not expected this but we’re very impressed that you give us a written update of the pond’s progress, photos of the improvement, recommendations for the next few months and seeing to various smaller items while you’re onsite. You’ve truly gone beyond our expectations and have been a tremendous help to us in solving our nasty, stagnant, stinky pond issue. Thank you so very much Joshua!

Billy B. | Evadale, TX

Thank you for all your help!

I just want to say thank you for helping me design my pond and helping me get the right type of fish for my pond. With the optimal bluegill fish food, I get from you, I have seen a big difference, in the size of my bluegill, in just 3 months. I must say the fingerling catfish have really grown as well. I have 2 feeders and I feed 2 times a day, out of each one. When the feeders go off its amazing to see how many come to eat and how well they are doing. I know there is no way way I would have the fish and more importantly the healthy fish I have without your help. You have been a blessing in my life. My wife and I really enjoy sitting out by the pond and watching the fish eat. Thank you for all your help.