Managing a pond or lake is like having an unruly garden!

Texas has over 1 million small ponds or lakes with a majority privately owned. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: irrigation, livestock watering, and recreation. Recreation is probably the most important reason for building a pond now days. Unfortunately, most ponds are poorly managed for recreation; even though as much as 25 percent of all fishing takes place in private ponds.

A well thought out and properly managed pond will provide excellent recreational opportunities. A good fishing pond must be managed like a vegetable garden: It must be seeded (stocked or re-stocked) properly, limed and fertilized correctly, weeded now and then, and harvested in the correct numbers and on an appropriate timetable.

The first step in recreational pond management is to decide what kind of recreation is desired. Ponds can be managed for fishing, swimming, wildlife attraction, and aesthetics. It is difficult to manage for all of these recreational activities equally well, but the most important can be emphasized.

This next year we will be going over different aspects of managing private ponds and lakes for enjoyment. Get your fishing gear ready while its slow an cold, take a seat–drink some coffee, dare to dream about a perfect pond, and then write it down. As we go over the topics, look at your notes and compare. If you have questions call or email we will get back to you promptly.

We look forward to helping you managing your pond and lakes in 2017.


Joshua Flowers | Fisheries Biologist