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Family Pond

I don't know about you but I am ready for this rain to be over with and February to be on the way out. The rain and deep freeze of 2018 made me think about the pond located on our new property. It is roughly ¼ acre in size and was relatively deep when originally...

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Remembering 2017

2017 was a year that showed my family and I the friends we have around us. August of 2016 was very sobering moment for us, see my father in-law, Bill, was diagnosed with cancer. It brought a new invasive species into our lives. I understand what invasive species do...

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Dynamic Interactions of Pond Management

Your pond is not created them same, even though it may have been built in the same manner as the one next door. A pond in North Texas will be different than one in south Texas, but even more noticeably is the two ponds built on the same property. The larger pond...

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Pond Management is for the birds! A toddler could do it.

Managing a pond or lake is like having a unruly garden! Texas has over 1 million small ponds or lakes with a majority privately owned. Ponds are usually built for several purposes: irrigation, livestock watering, and recreation. Recreation is probably the most...

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Chrome in the Pond

Category: Fountain Tags: 1/2hp Fountain, AirMax Ecoseries, Fountain, LED Lighting Introducing an energy efficient fountain has put AirMax on the scene. The EcoSeries ½ HP Fountain comes with 3 different spray patterns, 3 year warranty, 100’ cord with underwater...

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